Welcome to Second Room Relaxation!  - massage for men-

Second Room Relaxation is a private relaxation massage salon for men,is located in Akihabara area,in the center of Tokyo.

Giving you eastern and western approaches to make you calm and relaxed at peace.

Open daily by appointment only,AM11:00~25:00,sorry out call servise is not available.


Therapist is Yu,

I am Japanese, 5'4,130lb,very calm and friendly guy.

I have experience as a therapist for about 10 years.

I lived in the US and Canada from my teens to the early twenties, so I can use English a little.


I have four course menus and five options according to your preference. This salon has an oil treatment menu very popular.
You can use the shower before and after the treatment at any course.

I only accept JPY cash only,I don't take credit card,thank you for understanding.


If you are interested in my treatment, please fill out the format below and submit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message,


I am looking forward to seeing you and let's have a wonderful time together!



Oil treatment
It is a standard course to relax your body tightly and tired parts firmly.
A 80min 11,000yen
B 100min 13,000yen
C 130min 16,000yen
D 160min 19,000yen
◎No using massage oil style(called Body Care) is also available.Let me know when there is a hope.


half body care(non oil massage)&half oil treatment
E 130min 15,000yen/body care 50min・oil 80min
F 170min 19,000yen/body care 70min・oil 100min


oil treatment+foot reflexsology+face&head+hand reflexsology
G 140min 16,000yen/oil80min・foot20min・face&head20min・hand20min
H 180min 20,000yen/oil110min・foot25min・face&head25min・hand20min



body care+oil treatment+foot reflexsology+face&head+hand reflexsology
I  240min 27,000yen/body care 60min・oil 100min・foot30min・face&head30min・hand20min


For more relaxed time・・・ 
In 130 minutes or more of course(except E half&half 130min&G original 140min),is possible treatment to one of your options in your time.
If within the treatment time, no option fee will be charged.
Please inform me when there is hope.
1 Face&Head 20min 2,000yen
stimulated blood flow while mainly forcusing on face & eyes where it fatigues easily.
2 Asian style Foot Reflexsology 25min 3,000yen
stimulating reflexology,which is called the second heart,will promote the activity of internal organs.
3 Hand  Reflexsology 20min 2,000yen

promote the inner organ activities by stimulating reflexology on your palm.


4 Body Scrub 30min 3,000min

After the oil treatment, I will use the body scrub gently on the whole body. Relax your body and mind by scrub effect, lead to smooth skin.


5 Foot&Hand Reflexsology  40min 4,000円

I will do both foot reflexsology and hand reflexsology.Recommended when you want to make your whole body clearer.


Today's schedule Dec 16th


○→available time




Dec 17th 20:45~25:00○

Dec 18th 11:00~25:00○

Dec 19th 14:30~25:00○

Dec 20th 11:00~25:00○

メモ: * は入力必須項目です


3 Iwamotochou Chiyoda Tokyo


'Toei Shinjyuku line @ Iwamoto-cho staion`

A4・A5exit 3min by waliking

'Hibiya line @ Akihabara station`

No4 exit 4min by walikng

'JR @ Akihabara station` Shouwa-Dori exit  6min by walikng

'JR @ Kanda staion` North exit 8min by walking


I will inform you of the detailed location by email when i confirm an appointment.


<repeat discount>

①If you visit within 20days from the last use day,you will get 2,000yen discount.

②If you visit within 40days from the last use day,you will get 1,000yen discount.